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Temperate Climate fruit that was introduced in Kabale District in 1999 has now attracted 100,000 families who are benefiting from growing apples, pears, plums, peaches and grapes. Due to favourable temperatures, the Government has zoned the highlands of Kigezi sub-region into temperate fruit production area.

Uganda’s apples command higher prices than tropical fruits such as pineapples and passion fruit. To date, more than 1,000 farmers in Kabale have started growing apples to supply the domestic market as well as the neighbouring Countries of Burundi, DR Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania.
Most of the Apples sold at various supermarkets are imported from South Africa and very few come from Western Uganda.

Varieties of Apples in Uganda

  • Anna imported from South Africa
  • Golden Dorset  imported from South Africa.

Advantage of Apple growing in Uganda
Ugandan apple growers have an advantage over fruit farmers in Europe or South Africa can produce two crops per year instead of one.
The Apples grown in Uganda are quite tasty.

Challenges in Apple Farming

  • Apple seedlings are imported from Germany and South Africa.
  • Birds and thieves are giving many farmers sleepless nights.
  • Areas that are favourable for Apple Growing
  • Kabale District in the Western Uganda
  • Zombo District in the northern Uganda

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