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Amusement parks in Kampala, kids park near me, RECREATIONAL PARKS FOR CHILDREN IN KAMPALA CITY, UGANDA

amusement parks in kampala, kids park near me

Amusement parks in Kampala, kids park near me, amusement parks near me

amusement parks in kampala, kids park near meRecreational parks for children are places designed where they can have fun, play and interact with other children, therefore, can be called a playground also. A playground called a play park or play area is an area designated to provide a favourable environment for children that enhances play outdoors. Other parks are also designed for people of all ages or those disabled but playgrounds are specifically established for children. Some play parks may also not be favourable for children in a certain age group. These playgrounds can be outdoor and indoor and are crash-proofed with sand or cushions to prevent injuries that may be sustained during play.


Examples of recreational parks meant for children in Kampala

Kids World Water Park, Disney Kids Play Park and Daycare, Shumuk playground, Centenary Park Kampala, Kabira Country club playground, SNM Kids park, Busaabala Playground, Wonderworld amusement park, Mirambos playground, Katwe playground, Constitutional Square, Kibuli Main playground, Mpoobe, Komamboga playground, Sheraton gardens, Division playground, Bombo Road Junction Mini Park, Lufuka playground, Kabalagala church, Kidz Avenue, Law Gardens, Peekaboo Kids Amusement center, Zebra park, Kavumba recreation center, Time2Play Kiwatule recreation center, Peace park collection point, MISR Gardens, GRC Gardens, Nakulabye Parking stage, Kevina Gardens Kyanja, Mawanda Gardens, Serena Gardens, Garden city playground, Crystal Gardens, Min Forest, Toddlers Den, Ekomi Gardens, Mpererwe flower gardens, Maisha center, Gumy Gardens, Makindye country club, Turtles kids park, Uganda Children’s center, Aida’s place, Kids Club Kampala, Forest Park resort, Mish Mash, Munyonyo Speke resort, Prunes among others.


Equipment found in play parks.

These include swings, carousels, slides, seesaw, spring rider, jungle gym, inflatable bounce/bouncing castles, trampoline, bumper cars, Merry-go-round, monkey bars, sandpits, teeter-totter, giant stride, still/trapeze rings, spinners, playhouses, and mazes.

Some of these recreational centres have multiple board games and toys to keep the children busy like puzzles, chess boards, art shows, craft fairs, stuffed animals, etc., some also offer swimming, baking, dance, or hiking classes for children plus a nap area for those exhausted wanting to rest.


The environment of these recreational centres must be child-friendly, and injury-proof, with beautiful gardens and grassy grounds for children to roll around, park benches for parents, and child-friendly restaurants that provide delicious child-favourable delicacies, away from noisy highways.


Importance of play in a child’s life.

The play has been defined in many ways, one of which being any spontaneous or organized activity that promotes enjoyment, fun and entertainment, amusement or diversion. Play is significant for child development so much so that it’s recognized as a right of every child. Playing is also essential in developing children emotionally, and socially and further enhances a child’s creative thinking skills which they’ll apply later in their lives. The most beneficial type of play for kids is unstructured free play where they are independent, left to discover things on their own, and make decisions at an early age.

  1. Boosts confidence and self-esteem

Play boosts self-esteem and confidence in children. For example, when climbing a ladder or swinging from monkey bars, it challenges them. So, when they overcome these obstacles and their fears, they attempt them fully then over and over again and move to the next and the next till they have completed all. This act of courage makes them more confident whether they are playing alone or in a group.

  1. Improves a child’s power of imagination.

Children with borderless imagination powers easily overcome reality by courageously dealing with scary feelings. Among older children, play helps develop significant life skills such as humour, patience, and tolerance.

  1. Overcome traumatic experiences

These experiences may be the death of a pet animal which usually creates a lot of emotions. Engaging in play positively releases these emotions.

  1. Strengthens child-parent bond.

Children don’t play only with their friends or age mates but at times want to play with their parents. This helps form an unbreakable emotional bond and a sense of trust.


Other benefits of play are: socially, navigating a complex social network, teaching children how to listen and follow instructions, and how to collaborate and work in teams.

Mental and creative benefits include; equipping them with critical thinking skills, increasing attention spans, improving motor skills, and helping them acquire leadership skills. Physically, reduces obesity, strengthens immune systems, improves schoolwork, lowers anxiety, helps better sleep


Benefits of recreational parks in the life of children.

  1. To enhance lifelong wellness and meaningful connection.

These parks foster children and their families in outdoor recreation and adventures enhancing lifelong wellness and meaningful connection to public lands.

  1. To disconnect or unplug children from technology

In the modern dot-com era, most people including children spend most of their time interacting with their electronic gadgets such as iPods, smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. and have no interest in playing outdoors instead play online games. These recreational parks aim at engaging and retaining children’s physical activity for their health benefits.

  1. To form strong connections.

Studies show that bonds formed when still a child usually tend to last longer due to their purity since no strings are attached to them. Therefore, these parks aim to bring children from different cultural backgrounds together so that they can create strong connections between themselves eliminating vices of discrimination, antisocialism, and others.

  1. To provide a sense of adventure.

Every time children go to the park, they discover and see new things

As they play, they make sense of milestones outdoors by completing tasks which makes their self-confidence and self-worth greater.


Amusement parks in Kampala, kids park near me, RECREATIONAL PARKS FOR CHILDREN IN KAMPALA CITY, UGANDA

  • Centenary Park Kampala
    8H9V+6C6, Jinja Road


  • Kids World Water Park
    Water park



  • Wonder World Amusement Park
    Amusement park
    Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM Sat



  • Bombo Road Junction Mini Park

  • Kololo SSS Pitch
    8HRX+74W, Naguru Dr
  • City square Kampala
    The Square &, Kampala Road
  • Adonai adventure Park
    Zana, Centre


  • Ekomi Gardens
  • GRC Gardens
  • Ndejje Taxi Park
  • Shumuk playground
  • Sheraton Gardens
    Ternan Avenue Nile Avenue
  • Zebra Park
  • Kibuli Main Playground
    8H6X+F7G, Kibuli Secondary Rd
  • Mpoobe
    8H6P+M72, Road
    Temporarily closed
  • Lugogo playground
    No reviews · Playground
  • Pian Upe Game Reserve
  • Commonwealth People’s Space
    Plot 2-4 Wampewo Ave


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