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Africa best secret islands -Ssese Islands

Ssese Islands voted among the top ten of the World’s best secret Islands are very quiet and   quite beautiful to see and are must to visit   for lovers’ natural beauty. The 84 beautiful islands with a population of about 35,000 are lying off the north western shores of Lake. They are about 55km from Entebbe International Airport by water.  The islands are in two groups namely the Bugala Group including Bubeke, Bufumira, Bugaba, Bukasa, Buyova, Funve and Serinya     and the Koome Group including Damba, Koome and Luwaji.

Kalangala Town is the main urban centre with the main economic activity being fishing and palm oil plantations. The vegetation of the islands includes grassland and natural forests. The natural forests are however being cut down to create room for palm oil trees and 15,000 acres of palm oil plantation have been planted by BIDCO on the islands. Controlled logging is another economic activity that is practiced on the Ssese Islands.

The local people who are quite friendly live in villages along the shoreline and depend on fishing as their main occupation.
The islands have livestock which include   about 3,000 cattle, 250,000 poultry (chicken and ducks) and 1,235 goats.

Boats, ferries and vehicles are available to enable one move between and around the 84 islands.  A ferry is in place to improve transport to and from Kalangala District via Masaka Town and also from Entebbe Town.

The islands provide a home to many species of birds including hornbills, turacos, barbets, flycatchers, robin-chats among others. The wild animals on the islands include the vervet monkey, bushbuck and black and white colobus and hippos.  A sanctuary of chimpanzees is found on one of the islands. 

The islands are served by all the mobile telecommunication networks in Uganda including Uganda Telecom, MTN and Airtel Uganda.

Accommodation in Sesse Islands

Andronicos Lodge

Located in Kalangala Town

Tel: +256 772 375529

Hornbill Camp

The camp is set on the beach in a clump of remnant forest with a bar and meals available

Tel: +256 775 880200

Islands Clubs

The accommodation in bungalows and tents

Tel: +256 772 504027

Kingfisher Camping Site

The site offers a grassed camping area with small dining room and volleyball court on the beach

Tel: +256 753 231531

Pearl Gardens Beach

Located between Hornbill Campsite and the fishing village

Tel: +256 772 372164

Ssese Islands Beach Hotel

Located on the lake shore with rooms, bar, pool table, table tennis and satellite TV

Tel: +256 414 220065

Ssese Habitat Resort

The place has an open air bar and restaurant serves a variety of wines, beers and soft drinks

Tel +256 312 278318

Activities for visitors:

  • Fishing
  • Birds and monkey seeing
  • Boat cruising
  • Camping
  • Swimming
  • Nature walks
  • Bonfire dinner

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