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Nice hangout places in Kampala, cheapest restaurants in Kampala, top 5 restaurants in Kampala, best romantic restaurants in Kampala, list of hotels in Kampala, outdoor restaurants in Kampala, hotels in Kampala, Uganda and prices, new restaurants in Kampala

Nice hangout places in Kampala, cheapest restaurants in Kampala, top 5 restaurants in Kampala, best romantic restaurants in Kampala, list of hotels in Kampala, outdoor restaurants in Kampala, hotels in Kampala, Uganda and prices, new restaurants in Kampala

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Kampala city is the busiest urban centre of Uganda, there are some services availed to locals throughout day and night. These services include;

  1. transportation services,
  2. telecommunication services,
  3. banking services,
  4. health services,
  5. electricity and water services,
  6. hospitality and tourism services,
  7. nightclubs and lounges and entertainment services to mention a few.

Hospitality And Tourism Services

Hotels and restaurants fall under the hospitality industry and they generally rely on a high level of customer satisfaction to stay afloat. It is essential for hotel and restaurant services to operate 24 hours a day for 7 days since their services; food, refreshments, and shelter is an essential part of the life of travellers. Due to the busy schedule of the people of Kampala, there’s usually no time left for preparing a homemade meal so many opt for restaurant foods either takeaway or eating within the vicinity. Furthermore, hotels house travellers from different parts of the country and world whose time of arrival differ, so on arrival, they need to be open in order to welcome these guests and provide them with only the best experience in terms of customer care in order to receive an excellent review of the place. A five-star review puts the hotel on the radar of tourists and travellers.

The tourism and hospitality industry is the most demanding industry in terms of comprehensive communication and customer support therefore most hotels and restaurants in Kampala include the 24/7 service in their policies to maximize revenue and also get a good reviews. Kampala hotels have been categorized as apartments, hotels, guest houses, motels, and lodges.

Restaurants with 24/7 services are;

  • Asian Fusion,
  • Café Javas,
  • The Lawns,
  • Mediterraneo,
  • The Bistro,
  • Khana Khazana restaurant,
  • Le Chateau Brasserie Belge,
  • Tamarai,
  • La Cabana restaurant,
  • Yujo Izakaya,
  • Pardis,
  • Patio restaurant,
  • The Great Indian Dhaba,
  • Faze 2,
  • Arena Sports Bar & Grill,
  • Seven Seas,
  • Kati Kati Africa restaurant,
  • Ashiana restaurant etc.
  • Nyama Choma places also fall under this category some of which are;
  • Kyadondo rugby grounds,
  • Kumbuzi,
  • Paken Nyama-Choma point,
  • Choma zone,
  • Ngure’s Nyama Choma,
  • Almond Nyama Choma,
  • Coopers Nyama Choma corner.

Whilst hotels offering the 24/7 service are;

Transportation services

The road transport system of Kampala city operates 24/7, especially motorcycle, bus and taxi services. These buses are stationed at terminals like Arua park, old Kampala, Kisenyi area, Banda, Bwaise etc. The buses in Arua park and Bwaise head to the northern region, those stationed in old Kampala go to Rwanda, DR Congo, Dar-es-salaam, Kabale etc., whilst those in Kisenyi head to the western region of the country and those in Banda go to the eastern region of the country. Taxis on the other hand are stationed all over the city but also have designated parks; old and new park

Health services

The 24/7 health services are categorized into health facilities hospitals and clinics, and health clubs (fitness clubs). It is significant for hospitals and regional clinics to operate 24/7 in case of medical emergencies like surgeries or laboratory services urgently recommended, and patients especially in the intensive care unit need 24/7 care and monitoring of vitals. Examples of hospitals open 24/7 are;

Fitness clubs provide professional training, and a safe and comfortable workout environment, therefore should be accessible to people at any time due to people’s differing schedules; those who would like to work out may possibly be working during the day and can only create time in the evening hours. Examples of fitness clubs in Kampala include;

  • Royal Victoria House,
  • Sheraton hotel fitness centre,
  • fairway hotel and spa gym,
  • Shangri-La hotel gym,
  • and Shaq gym among others.

Telecommunication services

Telecommunications is a significant tool for businesses; enables companies to conduct business through effective communications with customers and deliver high standards of customer service. Kampala city comprises several telecommunication companies that aid in effective communication nationwide and internationally. These telecommunication companies are regulated by Uganda Communications Commission (UCC). Top telecommunication companies are;

  • Mobile Telephone Network (MTN),
  • Nokia,
  • Orange/Africell Uganda Limited,
  • Vodafone,
  • Ericsson-Worldwide,
  • Bharti Airtel,
  • Huawei Technologies,
  • Access Mobile,
  • Smart Telecom,
  • ZTE,
  • Alcatel-Lucent,
  • Lyca mobile,
  • Uganda Telecom Limited,
  • Smile Communications Uganda limited,
  • Tangerine limited,
  • Roke Investments limited.

Banking services

The most common banking services in Kampala city and countrywide are account checking and opening, saving, certificate and important document safekeeping and loans. Banks in Kampala, Uganda are regulated by the Bank of Uganda (BOU). Types of bank services range from overdraft, advancing loans, cheque payment, money transfer, and foreign currency exchange to consultancy and bank guarantee. The 24/7 banking services are Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) that provide money instantly at any time in case it’s needed by the owner.  ATMs around Kampala are;

  • Stanbic Bank,
  • Centenary Bank,
  • Absa,
  • Pride Microfinance,
  • Equity Bank,
  • Barclays Bank,
  • KCB Bank,
  • Orient Bank,
  • Finance Trust Bank,
  • Barclays Bank,
  • Diamond Trust Bank,
  • and Cairo.

Electricity And Water Services

It is highly important to keep electricity and water services running 24/7 since they are essential in the effective operation of other discussed industries/services. This makeup the backbone for the rest of the services i.e., a telecommunication company cannot run without electricity. They are also essential in hospitals; water for sterilization of surgical equipment and electricity to monitor vital signs of patients like their heart rate.

Entertainment services

When I talk about entertainment services, I mean televisions and radio entertainment sometimes even cinema halls. A wide range of signals from several television and radio stations cover Kampala city. These stations provide entertainment such as music, movies, talk shows, game shows, news, and lifestyle programs 24/7. Some of the local television stations are;

  • Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC),
  • NBS Television,
  • BBS Terefayina,
  • Channel 44,
  • Bukedde TV,
  • Top TV,
  • Tagy TV,
  • Urban TV,
  • NTV Uganda,
  • KS TV,
  • Select TV,
  • ABS Television,
  • Baba TV,
  • Moon TV,
  • TV West,
  • Dream TV,
  • Delta TV,
  • Salt Media etc.

Kampala city has a variety of satellite televisions offered by companies like MultiChoice Uganda (DStv), Zuku Television, Azam Television, and StarTimes. Radio stations with coverage in Kampala are;

  • Capital FM,
  • XFM,
  • Radio City,
  • Radio Maria,
  • KFM,
  • UBC Star FM,
  • Sanyu FM,
  • CBS Radio,
  • Radio One,
  • Metro FM,
  • Top Radio,
  • Super FM,
  • Dembe FM,
  • Voice of Africa,
  • Spirit FM,
  • Galaxy FM among others.

Petrol stations

Since road transport is the most dominant mode of transport and they operate 24/7, it is also reasonable for their fuel and engine lubricant providers to do the same since travellers are always moving from place to place at any time. Some of the petrol stations in Kampala are;

  • Shell Uganda Ltd,
  • Total Uganda Ltd,
  • Kobil, Hash,
  • Africa Fuels and Lubricants,
  • Petro Services Ltd,
  • Petroleum & Industrial Services Uganda Ltd,
  • Petro city Enterprises (U) Ltd,
  • Oil Libya,
  • City Oil

Casinos, Night Clubs, Bars, Pubs and Lounges

Casinos have a diversity of games and aim to ensure customers have fun with table games and slot machines playing Blackjack, Slots, Bingo, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, and three-card poker among others. People majorly go to casinos for gaming, winnings, connections, entertainment and social scene. Night clubs offer a place for their customers to unwind from their daily routines. These clubs range from quiet relaxation spots to high-energy music and crowded dance floors. Casinos, nightclubs, bars and lounges attract a diversity of clientele nationally and internationally. These are best situated in high traffic areas. Examples include;

  • Ninety9,
  • The Junction Bar,
  • Soho,
  • Club Silk,
  • Beverly Hills Bar,
  • Plant Sports,
  • Bleak Bar & Lounge,
  • Club Ambiance,
  • Guvnor,
  • Illusion,
  • Club Amnesia,
  • Wave Lounge,
  • Rouge Lounge,
  • club venom,
  • mask lounge,
  • Casablanca pub,
  • Hannyz pub.

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