Fisheries Sub-sector

Fish is one of the high value commodities that contributes to economic growth in Uganda. It contributes 3% to National GDP and 12% to agriculture sector GDP. Total fish production in 2014 amounted to 562,000 MT, of which 18,077 MT were exported. This generated USD 171.36 million for the country in 2014. This was an […]

biggest shopping mall in Kampala, list of shopping malls in Uganda, SHOPPING MALLS IN KAMPALA CITY


biggest shopping mall in Kampala, list of shopping malls in Uganda. Kampala has some of the best malls countrywide becoming attraction sites and must-see places in one’s bucket list for someone visiting the city. For example Acacia mall, Oasis mall, Owino shopping mall, Hamm shopping mall, Ntinda shopping center, Mukwano center shopping arcade, Metroplex shopping mall, Magoba shopping mall, City shopping mall, village mall Bugolobi, Lugogo mall, The Village-shopping mall, the Arena mall, Haruna shopping mall, UK Mall Kansanga, Forest mall, Troy shopping center, Nateete shopping center, Krish mall, Akamwesi shopping mall, Senana shopping center, Kibuli shopping center, Kireka shopping center, Umoja mall, south point mall etc.