East African Anthem

Chorus Jumuiya Yetu sote tuilinde Tuwajibike tuimarike Umoja wetu ni nguzo yetu Idumu Jumuiya yetu. 1 Ee Mungu twakuomba ulinde Jumuiya Afrika Mashariki Tuwezeshe kuishi kwa amani Tutimize na malengo yetu. 2 Uzalendo pia mshikamano Viwe msingi wa Umoja wetu Natulinde Uhuru na Amani Mila zetu na desturi zetu. 3 Viwandani na hata mashambani Tufanye […]

Uganda Vision 2040

Government of Uganda plans by 2040 to increase the GDP per capita from current level of $506 to $9,500. The economy will move from the current peasant dominated economy to mid and upper income market driven economy.  The plans for transforming the economy are as follows; Revamp and upgrade the railway system to standard guage […]

Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda

Speaker of Parliament Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga is the Speaker or head of Parliament and represents Parliament in its corporate relations. The Speaker is the Chairperson of: The Parliamentary Commission; The Committee on Appointments; and The Business Committee. The Speaker chairs all sittings of Parliament and ensures that the Rules of Procedure are observed during […]

The Legislature

The Parliament is the legislative arm of the government of Uganda. It derives its mandate and functions from the 1995 Constitution, the Laws of Uganda and its own Rules of Procedure. The Constitution contains articles which provide for the establishment, composition and functions of the Parliament of Uganda and empowers Parliament “to make laws on […]

Uganda’s Future

Uganda is among the fastest growing economies in Africa with the aspirations of Ugandans summarised as follows; Ugandans aspire to live and work in a peaceful, secure, harmonious and stable beautiful country where the rule of law prevails and respect for fundamental human rights observed. Ugandans want a corruption free nation with strong democratic structures […]