Investment Opportunities in Energy Sector

The following are the investment opportunities in Energy Sector Hydro power sites such as Kikagati site. Rural electrification New and renewable source of energy such as biogas, solar, geothermal, liquid fuels and peat Biomass which comprises of firewood, charcoal, crop residues and livestock waste Bio fuels for increased utilization of bio fuels in Uganda there […]

Investment opportunities in the real estate sector

Government supports investments to the sector are in line with Vision 2040, National Devt Plan and the NRM manifesto 2011/16, by way of; Providing enabling policies laws, and regulations to facilitate investments  in the sector Securing Land rights & Security of tenure for investors and individuals Providing funds for physical and social infrastructure Providing tax […]

Investment Opportunities in Financial sector

Promoting new or innovative financial products like mortgage financing, venture capital, merchant banking and leasing finance. There are also micro-financing saving institutions which can greatly expand in rural areas. Merchant banking fields Insurance subsector is still young with potential for growth

Investment opportunities in Animals and Fisheries Sector in Uganda

Animal Sub-sector Dairy and dairy products Dairy and dairy products (1.5 bn lts annually with potential to more than double) Powdered milk production Flavoured and UHT Milk Production of butter and ghee Cheese production Cream and ice-cream Establishment of collection centres and distribution facilities, etc. Milk production and processing Dairy milk processing plants for dairy […]

Investment opportunities in Agriculture Sector in Uganda

The following are investment opportunities in Agriculture Sector in Uganda Cocoa, coffee and tea Manufacture of packing materials Establishment of soil analysis laboratory and services Manufacture of packing materials Growing of other floriculture plants other than roses Industry growing at a fast rate of 25% in a year Fruit pulp processing Dried fruits processing Mangoes farming […]

Investment opportunities in ICT and Telecom sector

The following are investment opportunities in ICT and Telecom sector in Uganda Broadband services Business process outsourcing services. Computer and related equipment hardware assembly High level ICT training facilities on international standards. ICT business services incubation. Hardware repair training facilities. Software development niches. Setting up ICT infrastructure in Telecommunications E-Government National IT Parks Digital TV Broadcasting […]