Africa’s Big Five Animals

ElephantsAfrican elephants (Loxodonta africana) are the largest mammal in the world and remarkably adaptable. Elephants live in woodlands, forests, deserts and savannah, spread across 37 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Currently Africa has around 600,000 elephants and Botswana has the largest number of elephants totalling to 150,000. LionsAfrican lions (Panthera leo) king of the sub-Saharan savanna […]

Ugandan National Anthem

Oh Uganda! May God uphold thee, We lay our future in thy hand. United, free, For liberty Together we’ll always stand.   Oh Uganda! The land of freedom Our love and labour we give, And with neighbours all At our country’s call In peace and friendship we’ll live.   Oh Uganda! The land that feeds […]

African Anthem

God Bless Africa God Bless Africa We thy Children and thy flock In all our endeavours Bless Africa, our family God Bless Africa   God Bless Africa Kingdom loyalty a must Where Africa, the kingdom Africa, our family God Bless Africa   God Bless Africa Dear home we love and cherish Beloved home forever Africa, […]