Musambwa Islands

Location Musambwa Islands are three rocky islands about five kilometers offshore from Kasensero Landing site in Rakai District off the shores of Sango Bay region in Lake Victoria. The largest of the islands is about three hectares, the medium sized one about 2 ha and the smallest are rocky outcrops jutting out of Lake Victoria. […]

Inflation in Uganda 2013

The inflation rate was recorded at 3.6% as of end May  2013 increasing from 3.4% as of end Aprill 2013. Bank of Uganda has reduced  the Central Bank Rate (CBR) to  11% in  June 2013 Annual inflation rates The annual headline inflation rate for the year ending May  2013 increased  to 3.6% from 3. 4% […]

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

  Location UWEC which is located on the shores of Lake Victoria has rich vegetation and a wide range of birds, butterflies and other free and roaming animals that make it an attractive venue for education as well as recreation for those who visit it. Background UWEC popularly known as Entebbe Zoo was opened in […]

Hindu Temple in Kampala

Location Located on Plot 8/10 Snay Bin Amir Street close to Nakasero Market and this sand stone building was made without the use of nails and steel bars. Adorned with ornaments and symbols, it lights up with thousands of fairy lights during Diwali and other religious festivals. The Hindu Temple (Mandir) The Mandir is the […]

Ankole Long Horn Cattle

OriginThe Ankole cows are known to have originated from Egypt where they reared for milk and meat. They were crossed with the Zebu cattle from India to produce thee Sanga. The Sanga became the parent stock from which most African breeds originate. The Ankole cow therefore belongs to the Sanga family. The Sanga has the […]

Ankole Kingdom

Location Ankole kingdom was one of the four big traditional kingdoms in Uganda at the time of independence covering the present districts of Mbarara, Bushenyi, Ntungamo, Kiruhura, Ibanda and Isingiro in western Uganda. Description The Ankole kingdom is said to have been created way back in 1500 century by the Bachwezi. The kingdoms including Ankole […]