Uganda wildlife Conservation Organizations

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) UWEC popularly known as “Entebbe Zoo” was opened in 1952, as a reception centre for wild animals that were found as casualties (sick, injured, orphaned, confiscated from illegal trade). In the early 1960s, it changed its role to a zoo where a number of non-indigenous species, including bears and tigers, […]

Challenges in wildlife subsector

The following are the challenges in the Uganda Wildlife subsector: Lack of competent and experienced human resources to manage the sector. Lack of adeqaute funds to put in place the necessary infrastructure Human wildlife conflicts arising from crop raiding, livestock predation and encroachment continue to undermine conservation effort. Human and physical factors continue to impose […]

Achievements of the Wildlife Subsector

The following are the achievement of the wildlife subsector for the year 2012: Foreign exchange from tourism increased from USD 672m in 2010 to USD 805 m in 2012 representing 21 percent growth. Ground and aerial surveys were conducted to establish wildlife populations in protected areas. Routine inspection of Wildlife Protected Areas and wildlife private […]

The Babiito Dynasty

IntroductionThe Bachwezi dynasty was followed by the Babiito dynasty. Modern day historians place the beginning of the Babiito dynasty at around the time of the invasion of Bunyoro by the Luo from the north during the reign of King Wamara the last king under the Bachwezi dynasty. The first Bito king was Isingoma Mpuga Rukidi […]

Kings of Bunyoro-Kitara

The following is a list of Kings of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom: Rukidi of Bunyoro – late fifteenth centuryOcaki of Bunyoro – late fifteenth/early sixteenth centuryOyo Nyiba of Bunyoro – early sixteenth centuryWinyi I of Bunyoro – early sixteenth centuryOlimi I of Bunyoro- mid sixteenth centuryNyabongo of Bunyoro – mid sixteenth centuryWinyi II of Bunyoro – late […]

King Cwa 11 Kabalega

Brief profile of King KabalegaKing Cwa 11 Kabalega born on 18 June 1953 ruled Bunyoro-Kitara from 1869 to 1899.  King Kabalega had great dreams and visions for his Kingdom. He expanded the Kingdom using his well trained army of “Abarusuura” (soldiers). He mounted a bloody resistance against the powers of colonialization led by British for […]